+8 = 11 


  1. 驚訝痛苦語氣失火!」、風景!」

  2. 疑問反問語氣什麼?」

+8 = 11 


  1. 助詞不錯!」、!」

+8 = 11 


  1. )​

interjection of surprise, Ah!, Oh!, interjection expressing doubt or requiring answer, Eh?, what?, interjection of surprise or doubt, Eh?, My!, what's up?, interjection or grunt of agreement, uhm, Ah, OK, expression of recognition, Oh, it's you!, modal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent
(interjection pour la surprise)​, ah!, (interjection)​ pour exprimer le doute ou pour questionner, hein ?, (interjection pour la surprise ou le doute)​, (interjection)​ ah, (particule modale montrant l'affirmation, l'approbation, le consentement, ...)​
ach, oh (Int)​, au, autsch (Int)​