1. 儀式臺灣閩南地區每逢神明誕辰拜拜有時大宴親朋。」

  2. 再見英語 bye-bye音譯

(loanword)​ bye-bye, also pr. [bai1 bai1] etc, (coll.)​ to part ways (with sb)​, (fig.)​ to have nothing further to do (with sb or sth)​, to pay one's respects by bowing with hands in front of one's chest clasping joss sticks, or with palms pressed together, (Taiwan)​ religious ceremony in which offerings are made to a deity
bye-bye, festival d'adoration, adorer (les dieux)​ (Tw)​
Tschüs, Bye bye , Tschüß, Bye bye