1. 相傳孔子三代以上典謨訓誥原本其後今文古文今文尚書初伏生口鼂錯古文尚書魯恭王孔子所得竹簡尚書科斗文孔安國古文尚書學官亡失東晉古文尚書其中以來孔穎達五經正義至今一般誦習尚書」。

the Book of History, one of the Five Classics of Confucianism 五經[Wu3 jing1], a compendium of documents which make up the oldest extant texts of Chinese history, from legendary times down to the time of Confucius, also known as 尚書經[Shang4 shu1 jing1], 尚書[Shang4 shu1], 書[Shu1]
Classique des documents
Buch der Urkunden (S)​, das Schuking (S)​