1. 六書合成以上表示一個意義日月人言·許慎說文解字〉:會意信是。」象意」。

  2. 領悟了解·陶淵明五柳先生〉:讀書不求甚解有會欣然。」薛仁貴事略》:會意帳下。」領會

  3. 中意合意舊唐書··隱逸·》:太白林泉會意留連不能。」

combined ideogram (one of the Six Methods 六書[liu4 shu1] of forming Chinese characters)​, Chinese character that combines the meanings of existing elements, also known as joint ideogram or associative compounds, to comprehend without being told explicitly, to cotton on, knowing (smile, glance etc)​
comprendre à demi-mot, Classification des sinogrammes
"Vereinigte Bedeutungen" (3. Kategorie chinesischer Schriftzeichen)​ (S, Sprachw)​, verständnisvoll (Adj)​