1. 一個表示特定對象指示那個」、那個盤子」。這個

  2. 語助詞無意義·無名氏·》:須是布衣布衣可便那個兄弟。」

  3. 不便明言疏失做事有點兒那個。」


  1. 何者未定對象疑問那個?」、氣憤憤那個這裡?』」誰人阿誰

that one, that thing, that (as opposed to this)​, (used before a verb or adjective for emphasis)​, (used to humorously or indirectly refer to sth embarrassing, funny etc, or when one can't think of the right word)​, (used in speech as a filler, similar to "umm", "you know" etc)​, (euph.)​ menstruation, sex, also pr. [nei4 ge5]
ce, cet, cette, celui-là, celle-là, le faire (en parlant de l'acte sexuel)​ (argot)​
den , jene, jener, jenes (dort)​ (Pron)​, den