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  1. 地支

  2. 時辰早晨

  3. 古代官署定在卯時進行報到點名活動點名」,點名冊卯簿」、」。水滸傳·第一一回》:一日五更幹辦完了執事閒步。」

  4. 參見卯眼

  1. 對上:他倆卯上。」

mortise (slot cut into wood to receive a tenon)​, 4th earthly branch: 5-7 a.m., 2nd solar month (6th March-4th April)​, year of the Rabbit, ancient Chinese compass point: 90° (east)​, variant of 鉚[mao3], to exert one's strength
4. der 12 Erdenzweige, 4. Tier im chin. Tierkreis - Hase <astrol&gt (S)​, Hasenjahre (S)​, Jahr des Hasen (S)​, Mao (Eig, Fam)​