1. 湖泊三江五湖史記·一二·貨殖》:扁舟江湖。」三國演義·》:大兵不勝?』尚書『……江湖不可。』」

  2. 四方·曹操本志〉:江湖不可讓位。」

  3. 隱士南史··隱逸·》:遁跡江湖巖石。」·范仲淹岳陽樓〉:廟堂江湖。」


  1. 在外閱歷練達世故江湖」。

rivers and lakes, all corners of the country, remote areas to which hermits retreat, section of society operating independently of mainstream society, out of reach of the law, the milieu in which wuxia tales play out (cf. 武俠[wu3 xia2])​, (in late imperial times)​ world of traveling merchants, itinerant doctors, fortune tellers etc, demimonde, (in modern times)​ triads, secret gangster societies, underworld
fleuves et lacs, charlatanisme
Flüsse und Seen, überall (Eig, Pers)​