1. 古代五種輕重不等刑法➊ ​ 以前大辟書經·》:五刑有服。」·孔安國·五刑大辟。」➋ ​ 左右梟首骨肉漢書··刑法》:三族左右骨肉誹謗詈詛。』五刑。」➌ ​ 以後舊唐書·○·刑法》:五刑。」➍ ​ 現行刑法死刑無期徒刑有期徒刑拘役罰金

imperial five punishments of feudal China, up to Han times: tattooing characters on the forehead 墨[mo4], cutting off the nose 劓[yi4], amputation of one or both feet 刖[yue4], castration 宮[gong1], execution 大辟[da4 pi4], Han dynasty onwards: whipping 笞[chi1], beating the legs and buttocks with rough thorns 杖[zhang4], forced labor 徒[tu2], exile or banishment 流[liu2], capital punishment 死[si3]