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  1. 俘虜奴隸書經·》:臣妾逋逃。」·孔安國·。」禮記·》:。」·鄭玄·。」

  2. 君王時代官吏論語·八佾》:使。」禮記·禮運》:。」

  3. 古人一般自謙史記··高祖本紀》:高祖玉卮太上皇大人無賴不能治產不如。』」文選·諸葛亮·出師表》:布衣躬耕。」

  4. 四部

  1. 服從臣服」。韓非子·》:南面境內。」

  2. 統率使服從左傳·》:大夫大夫。」戰國策·》:兵甲天下。」

surname Chen, state official or subject in dynastic China, "Your Servant", form of address used when speaking to a ruler, to submit oneself to the rule of or acknowledge allegiance to, to serve a ruler as his subject, Kangxi radical 168
sujets, ministre
Würdenträger (S)​, Beamte(r)​ , Vasall